Wholesale as an industry is very ERP-centric. Nothing happens without it being documented in the ERP. Whether it’s about managing purchase or sales invoices, managing the warehouse data, managing and updating product information and invoicing. Most of the work done in a wholesale business concerns one of these functions and it usually includes a lot of manual data entry. Compared to retail, wholesale business has traditionally been more process-centric than customer-centric.

But customer expectations have changed, which has led to wholesale businesses to try and come up with ways to improve the customer experience as well as enhancing their own business processes.

With Intelligent Automation these demands can be met quickly and efficiently, without making any changes to the organization’s essential business systems. Customers are provided with faster and more flexible methods of ordering, without over-burdening the staff. The documentation related to the order can be created automatically. Handling of purchase- and sales invoices can be automized, and the manual transferring of data form the ERP to the invoicing software.

With Intelligent Automation we are able to provide you with the means to bring customer-centric approach to your wholesale business and to streamline your essential business processes.

Derobia offers multiple solutions to wholesale customers to support Intelligent Automation. We work with multiple ERP-systems and support needed processes in your business. We presently work with existing wholesale customers and have successfully helped their businesses by integrating processes to be more efficient with Intelligent Automation solutions and human workforce.

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