Manufacturing is one the most diverse industries when it comes to different systems, processes and functions. For these reasons it has been a very production-centric industry in the past. However, the arrival of the customer-centric approach and the need for digitalization are steadily changing all of this.

A new way of thinking requires a lot of changes in an industry that is largely built on a high number of legacy-systems and separate business processes. This is where the Intelligent Automation approach helps you to bring together and streamline the back-office operations. It allows you to integrate different systems and processes from order management to production, warehousing and shipping. Regardless of how they are built or whether they support any APIs.

At its best Intelligent Automation is an on-going process that enables you to quickly and constantly enhance your business proficiency without changing any of your existing systems.

Derobia offers multiple solutions to Manufacturing and industrial customers to support Intelligent Automation. Automation should make data work for the business, and for manufacturers, it can encompass functions across the organization including:

  • Supply and demand planning
  • Order processing
  • Pricing and procurement
  • Inventory tracking and processing
  • Contract monitoring
  • Invoice, quote and contract management
  • Customer support and communication
  • Regulatory compliance
  • And more

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