Hyperautomation SaaS

How does 70% reduction in unnecessary manual work sound like?

Too many employees spend their time copying information from emails, pdfs, etc. to business application interfaces. This is a completely useless manual job. With Hyperautomation, you’ll free up staff to do what is really important – to help and meet customers.

The Derobia Hyperautomation service offers a solution: a machine takes care of all the reading and typing. The human has the role to accept the extracted information in situations when the machine has not been able to find the desired information.

As an example, our service is aimed at various order and purchase invoice processors, whose work is significantly facilitated by the service.

The Hyperautomation service is easy and straightforward to deploy, as deployment does not require separate installations or changes to existing systems and applications. Hyperautomation is simply set, for example, to read certain e-mails from existing mailboxes and configured to understand what information is needed and where it should be entered. The service also provides browser-based interfaces for approvals made by human.

The service is scalable from small needs to requirements of large companies. With deployment you can start with a small pilot and then expand to the desired size range.

You can now get all this from us as a service for a transparently defined monthly price.

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