Process Orchestration

Control unpredictable business processes

Derobia enables organizations to automate business processes that are highly variable, unpredictable, loosely structured and subject to change. Our Process Orchestration capabilities enable organizations to dynamically create and track the workflows needed to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements. With our dynamic Process Orchestration solution, you can control unpredictable business processes for better service and outcomes. This allows for enhanced decision-making, simplified exception handling, and efficient case resolution.

Features include:

  • Integration of people and processes
  • Cross-industry capabilities for processes with unique tasks, such as decision-making and approval processes
  • Orchestrate multiple business applications at once

Kofax Process orchestration is a key component of an Intelligent Automation platform for organizations who want to build and manage a digital workforce that drives business growth and profits. Organizations can add workforce capacity without headcount and empower human workers to complete more fulfilling, higher-value work. Customer journeys―such as new customer onboarding, account opening, claims processing and citizen service provisioning―are simplified and enhanced.

We can offer different process improvement possibilities with Kofax provided solutions. Contact us for further details.

Kofax TotalAgility

Develop and deploy intelligent business processes that simplify critical, information-rich customer interactions within a single, scalable platform.

Kofax Communications Manager

Engage and interact with your customers in the manner they prefer with personal communications.


Digitally transform your core business processes

AIIM Industry Watch Report: Digitalizing Core Business Processes

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