Boost your customer service with artificial intelligence

Conversational AI


Conversational automation


Improved customer experience

Engage in automated conversations and identify service requests regardless of the channel

Corporate customer services are getting overloaded as the number of contacts and channels monitored increases. In response, oversized solutions such as the replacement of an ERP system are offered. Fortunately, there is another way – intelligent automation based on end-user development. It removes the complexity of end-to-end automation of individual service processes, and digitalisation becomes everyone’s right.

With AI, you can improve customer interaction, develop a better customer experience, and free your customer service staff from repetitive tasks. Whether it’s voice recognition, customer service messages and calls, or retrieving and recognizing information from different systems, we can automate it and teach the robotic process to work as required in different situations. Based on the information collected, we can modify the process.

This allows us to serve customers in the channel they prefer and free up customer service staff for more productive work.

Smarter conversations

Multi-channel experience
Provide a consistent service that your customers deserve on the channels that they prefer.

Instant answers – every time
No more long waiting lines. Instant support with any request.

Multilingual support
Let human-like digital agents communicate with your customers in their language.

24/7 customer service
Offer personalized support and solve customer problems round the clock with intelligent digital agents.

Better business

Automate repetitive tasks
Increase customer service productivity and shorten your average lead time by automating repetitive processes.

Simplify complex customer processes
Instantly improve problem resolution and your overall efficiency by using Conversational AI, which automates all interactions.

Consistent quality service
Provide personalized services that is expected by the customes in every interaction and improve your customer satisfaction scores.

Seamless handover between people and AI
Maintain the high Net Promoter Score through a seamless connection with human agents. When required, the AI transfers the service case to a customer service agent.

All this available now from Derobia as a service!

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