Derobia services are targeted

Improve cost efficiency

Increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction

Help employee work load and improve employee satisfaction

Enhance business processes

Change work flows to more efficient

We deliver solutions based on Kofax technology in a long time partnership. As a specialist in Kofax products, we provide a variety of services around technology.

At Derobia, we have highly experienced staff with strong project expertise and experience in various industries. We are constantly developing the expertise of our specialists to provide our customers with the best possible service and high customer satisfaction.

Derobia and Lekab Services


Lekab Derobia business understanding, experience and process know-how ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible solution for our customer.

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Delivery & Projects

Our job is to ensure that the customer receives the agreed benefits during project delivery

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We provide our clients with training to help companies find resources to, for example, identify and automate various processes.

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With our experience, we can always show our customers how a company in the same industry has streamlined its processes with our help.

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Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance ensures that the robots are working and that bugs can be quickly corrected.

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Hyperautomation Saas

How does a 70% reduction in unnecessary manual work sound like? The Hyperautomation service is easy and straightforward to deploy, and can now get all this from Derobia as a service

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Additional Services

We are developing a variety of additional services to meet market demand.

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