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Competition, razor-thin margins, and operational inefficiencies due to manual processes are just a few of the challenges facing transportation and logistics providers. When it comes to winning new customers and retaining your top accounts, you can’t afford to lower prices any further.

76 percent of logistics providers have not automated key customer-facing processes like scheduling shipments, monitoring changes and updating customer statuses.

To compete, you must be able to offer better service. What’s the highest-impact, lowest-effort way to become more efficient and provide better customer service? Intelligent Automation. Derobia has helped logistics companies to improve customer experience and processes. This has created cost savings, better customer service and correct work flows from time-consuming work to more efficient and productive work flows. Data flows have also improved significantly.

Ready to power your processes with document, robotic and business process automation? Let’s get started.


Connect internal and external websites, portals and systems with real-time data acquisition and integration.


Save time and money and improve customer experience by automating labor-intensive processes across the business.


Increase efficiency and throughput and reduce cycle times with intelligent business processes that drive growth.


Monitor processes to unlock valuable insights, optimize processes and deliver operational excellence.

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