A flexible and fast way
to automate your
business service processes

Derobia SaaS

Streamline your business

Offer better service for your customers

Let your customer service agents focus on more productive tasks

Why choose Derobia SaaS?

By automating customer service transactions from contact to delivery, you can streamline your business and improve your customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Automation of service processes has traditionally been done with two types of solutions:

  • Large service automation systems that are expensive and slow to deploy
  • Various single-task solutions which are difficult to automate together

Derobia SaaS is a flexible hyper-automation platform that enables end-to-end automation of service processes in a business-oriented manner and applied case-by-case.

What is inside the Derobia solution?

  • Conversational AI solution for service request recognition and automated processing
  • Intelligent automation platform for automation and orchestration of many types of processes (eg. order processing, production and delivery)
  • Tools for automating communication processes and channels

Derobia SaaS is a three-tier intelligent automation solution that automates your service processes from end to end without any changes to your back-end systems:

  1. Using artificial intelligence, the service recognizes the content of the request regardless of the communication channel.
  2. The service directs standard requests directly to the service process and the automation, and by-passes more demanding requests to the customer service agent.
  3. The service will independently discuss and communicate with the customer in accordance with the process associated with the request.

Automating a single use case takes about a week, and the control of the solution created stays in your own hands – you can make changes when you want without the solution provider.

Focus on customers – genuinely

We focus on the customer experience and the technology used allows us to integrate all the data from different systems following to the company’s own process requirements. This significantly helps to improve the customer experience. With decades of expertise in message automation we have now combined our expertise to provide our customers with automation of the entire customer service process. We can interpret data and modify the process based on the collected information – from automated customer service, processes or data.

With our solution, process automation can be implemented without large and expensive system or IT projects.

Our model scales from the enterprise level to the SME companies. Everything is available as a service and the solution can be setup as a service in the cloud or on-premise in your own data center.

All this is available now from Derobia as a service!

Contact us and book a demo of the service!

Conversational AI

Better business

Automate repetitive tasks
Increase customer service productivity and shorten your average lead time by automating repetitive processes..

Simplified customer service processes
Instantly improved problem resolution and overall efficiency with Conversational AI, which automates all interactions.

Consistent quality service
Offer personalized services that is expected by the customes in every interaction and improve your customer satisfaction scores.

Seamless handover between people and AI
Keep up with the high Net Promoter Score with a seamless connection to human agents. When required, the AI transfers the service case to a customer service agent.