Mobility & Engagement

Communicate and transact with customers via mobile

Derobia offers multiple solutions to  communicate and transact with your  customers and stakeholders in efficient, effective and trusted ways. Different technologies are in use, including mobile technology to meet customers where they are and leverage mobile to complete secure transactions, verify identity, gather documentation and consent, or simply to keep the customer informed.

You use communications management software to engage across mobile and other channels, tailored to customers’ needs and preferences. Where transactions along the customer’s journey require agreement and record of consent, they use an e-signature solution to deliver a secure end-to-end digital experience.

These customer experiences can include signing up new customers at a bank, processing applications at an insurance company or provisioning services from a public service agency.

We can offer different process improvement possibilities with Kofax provided solutions. Contact us for further details.

Communicate via Mobile with your customers

Navigating the Digital Transformation Maze: Let Mobile Capture Take the Lead in Customer Onboarding

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