Case technical trade group

Case Technical trade group


The Finnish cross industry company engaged in international technical trade and industry wanted to improve the inspection and management of product lines for purchase invoices and incoming orders, and to become more efficient in managing delivery processes for financial and technical trade. The aim was to reduce manual work and errors for staff and to automatically enter data into the databases of various information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) The intelligent automation provided by Derobia and Lekab has previously been used in various Group companies.


The answer to the challenge was a smart RPA. The task started with the information-intensive aspects of the ERP system and data entry and retrieval (thousands of orders and hundreds of thousands of line items are processed each month) using intelligent automation (CDA). More than 30 processes have been done so far; expansion into different business areas and different processes. Similarly, KTA has joined in with the goal of integrating the workflow and different databases. Later, CDA / OCR intelligent automation will also be introduced.


  • Reduction of manual work and errors
  • Improved data quality and faster data flow thanks to new processes
  • Improved data transfer in the Group
  • Employees have better control of processes together with intelligent automation solutions