Through analytics, from individual actions to continuous development process

There is always room for improvement: through analytics, from individual actions to a well-greased continuous development process

The high-performance machine can rotate more and more smoothly

The digitalization of an organization’s business is an ongoing process. However, once a business has been substantially digitized, there is usually still a lot of room for fine-tuning. The everyday life of a company or community can be built from many processes, process entities and businesses, so it is clear that it is seldom possible to build a perfectly greased, automatically rolling machine in one fell swoop.

However, locating bottlenecks and planning for development can be challenging without proper analytics tools. Fortunately, however, such are available.

With advanced analytics tools, stick to the core of development targets

Kofax Advanced Analytics tools can create comprehensive and reliable analyzes of process efficiency and functionality. The transparency they provide and the ability to analyze processes in detail make it easy to make improvements to processes and approach the goal from a smoothly rolling “business machine”.

Process monitoring helps you see what’s happening in real time. Process analysis, on the other hand, identifies bottlenecks, inefficiencies and other areas for development. This analytical information can be translated into concrete benefits in the development of many parts of the business, such as:

  • Identifying and eliminating process bottlenecks
  • Development of operational activities
  • Better customer communication
  • Better customer experience and customer satisfaction

Kofax Insight is an example of a process analysis tool that provides unique features to monitor and analyze business processes to optimize them. Kofax Insight integrates process tracking, enriched data, and analytics into a single, integrated solution that helps organizations analyze and gain a clear, customer-centric understanding of their business processes.

Part of a smoothly rolling entity on the road to digitalization

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a multi-component business digitalization package that includes tools that Robotic Process Automation  (RPA), Cognitive Document Automation (CDA), process orchestration, and mobility and interaction. Kofax Advanced Analytics tools help to continuously develop this entity into a machine that always rolls more smoothly.