Process orchestration unifies processes, robots, systems and people

Would you like a whole that is more than the sum of its parts?

Organizations operating in tomorrow’s digital business processes will leverage a variety of systems, software robots, and people’s expertise to serve their customers better and more efficiently. And because a business often consists of quite a number of areas and functions, building a unified whole and with it the customer experience often becomes quite challenging.

Optimizing the various parts usually means a clear improvement on the current state, but the whole may be even more modest than the sum of its parts due to the frictions between the parts. In this case, solutions are needed that can be used to develop processes and process entities.

To play in unison, an orchestra requires good orchestration

When the goal of digitalizing a business is to improve the customer experience, it is practically a matter of making the best possible use of data in customer encounters. In this case, it is desired to ensure that the customer service representative has access to all customer data located in different places and the possibility to enter data in several places at once. The aim is also to offer the customer an equal opportunity to handle their business flexibly in the channel that suits them best.

As a result, there may be a number of software robots and document recognition tools in use that require process planning to make effective use of. This is best captured with process orchestration tools.

Process orchestration is successful when the tools are in good condition

Kofax Process Orchestration tools provide the means to leverage software robots and streamline business processes and, above all, to seamlessly integrate the various stages of the customer path. Here are a few examples of the benefits of orchestration tools:

  • The customer account opening process can be speeded up with automated data collection and self-service tools
  • Claims or complaints can be automated to make them more transparent, accurate, manageable and less human resource intensive
  • Communication between people, applications and devices, as well as with customers, can be accomplished in the ways that are most liked.

When an orchestra plays the same play with the instruments of their choice, the end result is beautiful music

Process orchestration tools are a key part of the whole of intelligent automation (IA). They allow both customers and customer service representatives to perform the necessary tasks in that channel and in the way they want. The result is a simpler and smoother customer experience without having to increase the number of customer service representatives. In a word, the orchestra plays fantastically together.