Kofax Intelligent Automation – building tomorrow’s organization

Kofax Intelligent Automation – building tomorrow’s organization

Rapidly changing customer expectations challenge companies to provide faster, more flexible and more user-friendly services. Users accustomed to mobile and fast operation expect the same from everyone – whether it’s Amazon or logistics terminal services.

However, functional digital services cannot be provided if the company’s internal processes still require a lot of manual work. A beautiful and user-friendly application is not enough if the background processes do not work automatically.

Where does the problem lie and how is it solved?

Two dimensions of digitization: visible to the customer and internal to the organization

If only the outdoor yard visible to the customer has been taken care of in the digitization project, the abandonment of the inner yard, which consists of the organisation’s internal processes, can lead to overloading of employees in addition to business problems. The processing of silenced data in different functions involves a large number of manual work steps, and users are expected to have the ability to manage multiple systems.

Some manual steps may have been removed by replacing old tools with new ones. But like Hydra, new challenges arise in the whole of new and old systems as requirements change.

Like that mythical beast, there are ways to overthrow this challenge. And even in this case, they are based on a holistic approach.

Deeper than the surface – the root causes of the problem

Collecting, combining, and leveraging data to serve the customer is the hard core of digitalization. Not forgetting the customer’s user experience. For a company born in the data age, this is a matter of course and the company’s digital base has been built with future needs in mind.

However, the majority of today’s businesses have a longer history. In the course of that history, the various functions of a company have often formed into their own silos with their own goals and tools. These may not always be in line with overall business goals.

Now, however, we want to dismantle the walls between different functions or businesses and unify the business into a unified front serving the customer. In this case, the challenges of digitalisation include e.g. the following things:

  • There are many opportunities, but identifying them within an organization can be difficult
  • Combining data, processes, systems and people into a well-lubricated machine can seem so massive as a change that it is difficult to identify just the starting point

Intelligent automation is about taking the whole into account

The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, used by Derobia and also successful in Gartner’s research, is based on the idea that its separate functions act as intermediaries between the company’s data, systems, software robots, processes and people.

These components form a flexible platform that can be used to create solutions for the automation of any complex entity.

The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform consists of the following functions:

RPA: Software robots that can be harnessed to handle routine, repetitive, and high-volume work tasks where data is entered or moved from one location to another. Read more about Kofax’s RPA solutions.

CDA: Automatic document recognition enables the structuring and understanding of raw data in any form. It was about images, PDFs, paper receipts or emails. Read more about Kofax’s CDA solutions.
Process Management: A tool for managing an entity that allows you to control processes, different actions, people, robots, policies, and systems. Read more about Kofax’s Process Orchestration solutions.

Mobility: Secure and efficient communication and data entry solutions for the user interface. Improving the user experience based on easy data entry, face recognition, e-signatures and on-demand communication solutions. Read more about Kofax’s Mobility and Engagement solutions.

Analytics: Digitization and the development of an organization’s operations is about continuous doing, not a single measure. Continuous improvement requires the identification and analysis of the successes and shortcomings of the processes. Read more about Kofax’s Advanced Analytics solutions.

Better tomorrow with intelligent automation

In addition to the opportunity, digitalisation can appear to be a distressing and endless struggle for companies and individuals. However, this is a major upheaval, inevitably accompanied by growing pains. And there is no need to worry, as help is available.

The elephant is eaten piece by piece, as well as the challenges posed by digitalization are met process by process. However, it is important to consider the whole from the beginning in order to make the right choices for tomorrow today.