Better Service with Mobile Authentication and Communication Solution

The perimeter of digitization as a stumbling block for the customer experience? Better service with mobile authentication and communication solutions?

One of the key external goals of digitalization is to make the customer’s journey as easy and smooth as possible. And as the customer’s digital journey is becoming more and more common on mobile, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind right from the start.
However, in many businesses, there are stages along the customer journey where the customer is required to provide confidential information or the business to provide the customer with confidential information. These steps must also be traceable.

Ensuring a good, smooth, and secure customer experience in these digital encounters requires functional and multi-channel solutions – mobile and online. However, it is not all good and smooth to enter data manually on the screen of a mobile phone, it requires a little more.

The perimeter of digitalization – functional mobile solutions can be a positive surprise

In practice we are talking about solutions to the perimeter of digitalization. About security solutions that keep the inappropriate outside. The channels and ways in which the customer communicates and does business. Logs where document exchanges with the customer are stored. Mobile devices.

A good user experience, on the other hand, means taking full advantage of the features of mobile devices. No one sees filling out forms as a good service experience. No one wants to fill in their information again, changing the transaction channel. But what if the data could be entered by taking a picture of the driver’s license on a mobile phone? What if the data is directly available on all channels?

In this case, we can talk about a good customer experience. Electronic signatures, facial recognition logins and customer-selected communication channels come into play. Now we are talking about an excellent experience.

But what are they used for?

The importance of Kofax Mobility & Engagement solutions is emphasized in all businesses and processes where documentation is of great importance, users want multi-channel and location-independent service, and where customer or user experience is of great importance.

This can be an internal process, such as job supervision for mobile work, for example in companies doing cleaning, maintenance or installation work.

It can also be any business that involves a lot of documentation or digital services that require strong authentication. Typical examples of this are the financial and insurance sectors, as well as the energy sector and mobile operators.

But equally, their importance is emphasized in any business that involves a lot of handover and documentation, such as in the manufacturing industry, the logistics industry, maintenance work, and the public sector.

A good customer experience crowns successful digitalization

Digitalization is about improving the customer experience and the customer’s journey with the help of data. This means utilizing the data, but also the customer experience related to data collection and disclosure should not be forgotten.

It can form an important part of the whole of intelligent automation, as it is first and foremost about the perimeter of digitalization: the customer experience. Documentation, contract processing, and identification are almost always the unpleasant parts of the digital customer experience – what if you could surprise the customer with ease with this?

Well-built mobility solutions can be the highlight which elevates your digitalization project from the ordinary to excellent. Together with software robotics, automatic document identification, process orchestration, and continuous improvement, they enable intelligent automation of your business.