Automation Does Not Need to Be Complicated

No sweat in developing your business with Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS

Business process automation is perceived as a complex set of projects involving system upgrades, IT projects, and expensive consultation. However, automation does not have to be difficult. Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS supports effortless automation projects that may vary in scope but essentially provide brief duration and low cost. Utilizing Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS, you’ll train a number of tireless robot assistants for your business.

Businesses consist of complex sets of tasks and processes not always recognized as part of the same entity when viewed individually.

Business processes and workflows typically involve multiple individuals and multiple digital and manual work steps. The aim of automation is to reduce the duration of these work steps and the amount of human resources required, so that the whole system can operate faster and with higher quality.

The challenge is that it is difficult or even nearly impossible to identify the work steps, workflows, and business processes that benefit from automation by other people than those directly responsible for the business. Therefore, ERP projects that aim to automate company core functions can take years, for example.

Derobia’s Hyperautomation SaaS is based on Kofax’s Intelligent Automation hyperautomation platform, focused on versatility and ease of use in order to both micro- and macro-level automation projects to be able to be delivered in a concise timeline.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS is a technology-independent hyperautomation platform that scales with your business

The benefits of automation (improved efficiency, minimized errors, and better allocation of resources) are known to everyone, but the often overlooked element in information systems such as automation is the diversity of business workflows. Every company has individual characteristics, and the same pre-conceived automated workflows aren’t for everyone.

The company’s system infrastructure is unique (in-house information systems and customer interfaces, as well as stakeholder information systems), and not all of them can be easily modified.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS is a technology-independent hyperautomation platform, which means that building automations is possible regardless of the technological operating environment.

Applying Hyperautomation SaaS functionalities automation can be added to almost any workflow.

  • Automatic recognition of unstructured data (images, PDFs, paper forms, e-mails, etc.)
  • Automation of routine tasks using software robotics
  • Automation of routine decision making with business rules
  • Creating intelligent integrations between systems without coding – technology-independent
  • Analytics to support decision-making and further development of workflow automation


Hyperautomation SaaS platform can be leveraged for all levels of automation – from individual-level work tasks to business-wide business processes.

Use cases are created one at a time and they can hav any scope. Deployment schedule is anyhow less than a week in typical cases.

Low-Code/No-Code functionalities support low-threshold end-user development

The need for organizations to provide customized automation and productivity enhancement solutions has been widely recognized – including system vendors. As a result, a wide variety of Low-Code/No-Code solutions for application and automation development have appeared on the market. However, there are often drawbacks:

  • Typically, these solutions perform poorly outside the cloud, or the ability to create automated workflows for third-party solutions is otherwise limited.
  • Although the development of automated workflows or applications without code is in theory possible, the learning curve for actual end-user development is still high.


Hyperautomation SaaS responds to uncomplicated automation needs by supporting Low-Code/No-Code automation development flexibly, taking into account the user’s level of technical expertise.

  • An end-user developer can design and test automated workflows with Process Designer from start to finish before building automations.
  • The actual automations can be built by the end-user developer himself. If this requires advanced technical skills, he/she can also create a ticket for the task to be solved by a professional developer.


This ensures that the most important contribution of the end-user developer – the identification of areas for development and the creation of proposals for solutions – is taken into account. If the end-user developer’s level of technical competence is sufficient, he or she can also build the automation if he or she wishes. However, that is not a requirement.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS is a comprehensive hyperautomation platform with almost limitless capabilities that is suitable for any organization.

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