Case maintenance service company

Cross Industry / Case maintenance service company


The challenge for the company providing maintenance services was to allocate purchase invoices for spare parts to the related work orders and sales invoices. When doing wholesale, the installers did not indicate the ID of the work order on the invoice, which meant that they had to be cleared by hand afterwards. It turned out that a phone call to the company’s support services was required to find out the required IDs and this took the installers too much time. As a result, informal practices had emerged to circumvent the process.
In addition, the challenge was to link spare parts purchase invoices to sales invoices sent to customers, as both were made under a different system and did not discuss this with each other.


Initially, the use of software robotics to target purchase invoices and work orders was considered, but as it turned out that the root cause of the problem lay elsewhere, it was decided to do otherwise. Using Kofax’s Intelligent Automation Platform, we built a mobile interface that allowed installers to find out the work order ID in an instant. In addition, office work was facilitated by the introduction of a software robot that automatically allocated purchase invoices to work orders.
The problem with sales invoice attachments was resolved by the software robot automatically retrieving purchase invoices once a day and storing them in its own folders. The collection of sales invoices became easier when one work step could be eliminated.


  • Facilitated wholesale transactions and corrected an error in the process
  • Elimination of time-consuming work steps: Work orders were processed in 1000 days and 30% of them required a report, which took 5 minutes extra time. Removing this saved 25 hours a day and a total of 3 person-years
  • The daily life of the employees was made smoother and more meaningful