Lekab Communication Systems is sharpening Derobia strategy

Lekab Communication Systems is sharpening Derobia strategy to serve its customers even more efficiently

In the spring of 2020 Lekab launched the Derobia brand, which aims to be a pioneer in hyperautomation in Finland and the Nordic countries. That spring proved to be challenging due to the pandemic, and we have since refined our strategy to be able to better serve our customers, describe the benefits achieved more clearly and stand out more sharply with our special expertise.

We have been cooperating with Kofax for years. Kofax – as well as market analysts – have found that in many companies using software robotics large-scale utilization of robots has not been done, as the majority of process data is unstructured. According to research and our own experience, only about 20-30% of all data can be easily transferred to robots for automation – the rest being a vague mishmash. This makes expanding robotics unprofitable or even impossible, as large-scale automation of processes would require each robot to have an individual workflow.

Lekab is the first to offer new expertise of Kofax in Finland

Normally 20-30% of use cases can be automated by means of traditional software robotics. With the help of Kofax Intelligent Automation technology we are now the first in Finland to offer a solution that covers the remaining 70%. This is done by combining artificial intelligence and human exception handling with the robot in the same workflow and controlling the process between them. The solution can reduce as much as 60-70% of human work.

In July 2020 Kofax released ready-made integrations with the most commonly used software robotics products. In this way, Kofax Intelligent Automation features can be easily utilized, regardless of the robotics technology used to implement the organisation’s robots.

The goal of our new strategy is to increase the degree of automation of companies in office work. Whoever the customer’s robotics supplier is, we are able to work with them and get the most out of the existing robot investments. In this way, we are able to bring significant benefits and cost savings to our customers. The processing and automation of unstructured data is now and in the future at the heart of what we do. Our knowledgeable and trained staff together with Kofax Intelligent Automation technology enables all of this cost-effectively without significant IT project costs.

As a testament to our expertise, we also received Suomen Asiakastieto Strongest certificate, and we believe that with our sharpened strategy we will make significant projects for our customers both in Finland and in the other Nordic countries.

In September we will announce new SaaS service by Derobia, where we will offer Kofax-based hyperautomation at a monthly rate. We will inform you more about this later.

Wishing you success,
Harri Laalo