Is Your Digitalization Already Underway?

Customer and employee requirements are changing rapidly – is your digitalization already underway?

Your customers expect an effortless and smooth service experience regardless of channel. Your employees expect more relevant work and less mandatory routines. Digitalisation provides solutions for these requirements but many have thought it is only possible for large companies. However, Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS makes digitalization and automation accessible to all. Would it be time to make sure your business doesn’t lag behind in development?

Digitalization is not an empty vogue word – it is a response to the changing demands of business.

Digitalization is basically about streamlining business processes and electronic documentation of work steps. As an added value, digitalization offers the opportunity to further speed up processes by automating a number of work steps. Especially those routine that have traditionally required the most manual work – for example order processing.

Automation is central to digitalization. Outsourcing manual work to the customer is not automation, and therefore, customer self-service portals are not a sustainable digitalization solution.

Better customer experience with automation

Smooth and effortless is the secret of a good customer experience. Feeling that as a customer your time is respected. Whether it’s sending an order via email or a phone call to customer service, the measure of the customer experience is how smooth your service experience is: How quickly your order is processed and how effortlessly customer service solves your challenge.

The background of a good customer experience is (in addition to skilled employees) a functional process and automation as far as possible. For example, automatic identification and submission of order information from e-mail into the ordering system, as well as automatic data transfers between different systems, which reduces the amount of manual work done by the customer service representative.

More meaningful work by reducing manual work steps

The longing for more meaningful work has led people to change fields and jobs in large numbers. Employers need to be able to offer people more meaningful things to do or there is a risk of getting nowhere in the intense competition for recruitement.

A customer-centric approach can make many jobs meaningful, setting the problem solving and helping at the heart of the work. Unfortunately, the relevance of the work done at the customer interface is often overwhelmed by the precision-requiring and routine manual work steps. By developing and automating processes many jobs completely change their nature and become relevant to their responsible individual.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS makes the most advanced tools of digitalization available to everyone

Higher-level digitalization solutions, such as the recognition of unstructured data based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, are often perceived as the exclusive right of large organizations. It has been suggested that they can only benefit those who can afford and have the opportunity to upgrade all existing information systems from ERP to CRM.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS makes high-level digitalization solutions available to everyone. It enables the benefits of digitalization cost-effectively – efficient processes and an excellent customer and employee experience.

And Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS does not require an upgrade of information systems neither any long deployment project.

The time has come – Derobia Hyperautomation with SaaS makes it easy to go digital

The market is changing at a rapid pace and the pressure to start with digitalization – or accelerating it – is fierce. This should no longer be a matter of belief for we have all seen what disruption causes. Even if your company business area is not meeting a radical upheaval, no one can afford to rest on their laurels.

The good news is that digitalization is no longer just the prerogative of large or pioneering organizations. Digitalization can be implemented by an easy process and as a service – without changes to information systems or IT infrastructure.

Derobia Hyperautomation SaaS is a practical and cost-effective way to digitalize.

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